WW 124

When we got off the plane, the first thing I noticed was the chill in the air…it was much warmer back home. My grandmother called us a cab while I stood there and worried about whether I’d brought any warm clothes or not. About ten minutes later, the cab dropped us off in front of large home made out of logs…it looked cozy. Melinda looked over at me and said, “We’re here!” She showed me to the guest room and we both changed into warmer clothes. Luckily I’d brought a sweater. Melinda told me that a big storm was coming and that it’d be best for us to stay indoors that night. She made grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and told me a little about the town’s history while we were eating. She said that she’d make me a map so I could go exploring the next day. After getting my belly full, I was ready for bed. I noticed a door cracked open next to the guest room I was supposed to be sleeping in. I peeked in and realized it was my dad’s old room. I flipped through some of his books about sea creatures and looked at old pictures of him and mom as teenagers. “I wish I could remember them”, I thought to myself. I laid across his bed and within minutes I was asleep.


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