WW 125

With the map my grandmother made me in hand, I went out and explored the town. She offered to go with me but I kinda wanted some time to reconnect to my surroundings…alone. I was excited to see that she had marked down a few of my dad’s favorite spots. I breathed in the cool fall air and smiled. I really could get used to living here. First thing I did was go to the river where he taught my mom how to swim. Even though it was chilly, the water was calling out to me. Next thing I knew, I’d taken off my clothes and was wading through it. It was exhilarating. I stayed in until I could no longer feel my toes. Quickly putting my warm clothes back on, I checked the map for the next place. The school where my dad met my mom. Unfortunately, school was in session so I couldn’t go inside and look in the classrooms like I wanted to. So I skipped to the next place. It was a bench overlooking the ocean. Apparently my parents used to watch the sunset and the stars from here. I sat down and stared off into the distance. I felt so different while being in this town. Like I was finally where I belonged. And even though my parents were gone, it still felt almost as if they were there with me…


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