WW 126

The next morning, I told my grandmother that I wanted to visit my old house. She said that it had been abandoned for years and she was worried that it wouldn’t be safe. I promised her that I’d be super careful and told her that I’d call if I ran into any trouble. She still didn’t look happy but it was the only way she’d let me go. It was a ten minute walk back to the place where I’d been born. A little shiver went up my spine as I gazed at the deprecated house before me. It looked like something that belonged in a horror movie. The grass was all grown up and busting through the floorboards. The windows were boarded up. And a thick fog surrounded the whole lot. I also noticed a for sale sign next to the mailbox. When I went inside I tried to imagine what it looked like before…but it was too hard. I couldn’t remember anything and it was so frustrating. I broke out in tears. Even though it was more than twenty years later, their deaths had created a fresh wound and I didn’t think I’d ever stop mourning them. Suddenly the temperature dropped and it was freezing cold. I sighed and rubbed my arms for warmth. “Should’ve brought a sweater”, I muttered to myself. Feeling defeated, I walked out and shut the door behind me. This house would have to keep it’s secrets for another day.


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