WW 127

A weird thing happened today…I was following a nature trail through the forest. It was a gorgeous walk and the road winded all the way around the beach. I looked over the railing and gazed longingly at the water. I wanted to swim but it was really chilly. Then a deep fog rolled in. It was so dense I could barely see two feet in front of me. Then almost as if I was in a trance, I walked to the ocean’s edge…and jumped right in. Then I kept swimming and swimming. When I finally came out of my daze, I was so far away from the shore. At least 100 yards out. I could see a little island in the distance but I was too panicked to stop and check it out. When I got back to the shore, I laid there in the sand for a while, I was completely out of breath. I have no idea what compelled me to jump in the water like that…guess I really wanted that swim afterall.


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