WW 128

I couldn’t sleep the night after my little adventure in the chilly sea. Finally I decided to get up and go for a walk. The full moon guided my way…all the way down to the beach. Funny how I keep ending up here. I sat down in the sand, wrapped my arms around my legs, and listened to the waves. It was so soothing. I was just nodding off to sleep when I heard a splash. I peered out into the distance and saw a woman. It looked just like Tessa! I could’ve swore it was her. But what was she doing here in Hylewood? I called out to her…”Tessa! Is that you?” But the woman just swam out further away. Odd. I watched until I couldn’t see her anymore…the sun had already begun to come up. I quickly pulled out my phone and sent Tessa a text that said “Hi. Where r u and what r u doin? Curious.” I waited for a few moments and there was no reply. I began to lose my patience. Then duh! I realized what time it was…nearly 5am. Of course she wasn’t going to answer me right away, I’m sure she was still sleeping. Feeling rather silly, I walked the rest of the way back to grandma’s. I hope whoever it was had a great swim…


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