WW 129

It was another cold and rainy day in Hylewood. Grandma lit a fire in the fireplace and while we listened to the rain patter on the roof, she taught me how to knit. I was trying to make a sweater…if I planned to stay here much longer, I was going to need a lot of them. While we worked, I told her about my life growing up and she told me stories about my dad. He sounded like an amazing man…I can see why my mom fell in love with him. Then while we were preparing dinner, the doorbell rang. She looked over at me and asked “Are you expecting someone?” I shook my head and told her I’d go find out who it was. Imagine my surprise when I found Ann out on the doorstep with her suitcase in her hand. I grinned and held the door open for her. “Come on in!” She followed me into the living room and then she said, “It’s a total madhouse now that you’re gone. I couldn’t take it anymore! How could you leave me to deal with those two nutcases on my own?!” We both giggled. Then Ann asked if it’d be okay if she stayed with us for a few days. I shrugged and told her I’d ask but my grandma had already made her way over to us. She told Ann that there was plenty of room in her home and that she could stay as long as she wanted. Aww, I have the coolest grandma EVER.


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