WW 130

I showed Ann around the town and later that night when we went bowling. Ann was surprisingly good at bowling…and she won the first two games. Sore loser that I am, I suggested we get some food. And when I was about to dig into my third slice of pizza, she brought up the one thing I did NOT want to talk about. “You are coming back home, right?” she asked. I narrowed my gaze at her and continued eating. “It’s just that fall classes start back in next week. You’re really not going to sacrifice your education because you’re mad at them…are you?” I sighed and pushed my plate away from me. She was just going to keep pestering me until I answered her. “I suppose you’re right. I do need to go back. I’m still mad…but not as mad as I was. I forgive them, I guess. Things are going to be different this time though. I’m not letting anyone try to control me…ever again.” Ann nodded her head and told me that she understood…but she looked worried. I reached over and patted her hand and said “Don’t worry, Ann. Everything will work out.” She nodded again then looked up and and asked me if I wanted to get my ass kicked in bowling again. I smiled and said “Game on!”


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