WW 131

After a rather painful phone call to my uncle, we agreed that that I would go back to his house and finish this semester of school. Ann and I would be going home on Monday. But we still have all of this weekend left in Hylewood. My grandma had the awesome idea to take us for a picnic in the park and later that night, she suggested we camp out under the stars. We built a huge bonfire and we gathered around it telling the scariest stories we could think of. We were all laughing and making fun of each other’s stories until my grandma told us a really strange tale about an evil siren that lived on an island in the middle of the sea…in a castle made out of coral. It struck a nerve deep within me. It reminded me of the dream I had not too long ago. “What a weird coincidence.” I thought to myself. I tried to distract myself by roasting marshmallows and eating them one after another. Twelve marshmallows later and the story was still stuck in my head. Finally, darkness fell and it was time for bed. I wiggled deep down into my sleeping bag and closed my eyes. School would be starting back in only three days…where did the summer go? But I was kind of excited…I missed my friends. And even though I hated to admit it, I missed “home” too.


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