WW 132

Early Monday morning, I got up and packed my stuff. Ann had already gone back the day before. She wouldn’t admit it but I think she was homesick. My grandma made a huge breakfast and we sat together eating in silence. I was torn…I wanted to stay but I had to go back. At least for a little while. After I helped her clean the kitchen, she gave me a big hug and told me I better come visit her again soon. I promised I would. I took a taxi to the airport and six hours later I was looking up at the house I’d been raised in…it no longer felt like home to me. I felt like I was a guest…just visiting. My pets were the first ones to welcome me back. I picked my cat up and hugged her then bent down to gently rub Poagie’s head. I really missed them. I walked up onto the porch and found Ann waiting for me. She smiled and asked me if I was ready to go in. I sighed…it was now or never. I found them in the living room. My aunt asked me if I enjoyed my trip. I nodded my head. My uncle told me that he was glad I was back…then he said that I looked different. I shrugged. Well, I felt different too…


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