WW 133

Fall classes started back today. I walked with Ann to school that morning and we found Tessa waiting for us. Seeing her there made me remember what I saw in Hylewood. As she smiled and told us about what she’d been up to for the past two weeks, I felt stupid for thinking that the lady in the water had been her. So I kept my mouth shut and we all walked to our first class together. The day flew by. It was hard to concentrate. There was no use bothering to study because everyone was too busy catching up and reminiscing about summer. I even caught Owen staring at me a few times. It was good to be back. After school, Ann stayed and talked to her math teacher about extra credit…there was no way she was going to fall behind this year. So I had to walk back home alone. A few miles away from the school, I passed by a blue house with a for sale sign in it’s front yard. It looked quaint and cozy. I knew I couldn’t afford it but I was intrigued. I quickly jotted down the realtor’s number and rushed the rest of the way home…I had a ton of homework to tackle.


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