WW 135

Over the weekend, I browsed the internet and found a shop that sold used furniture for super low prices. Early Monday morning, the GPS on my phone led me to an old building on the outskirts of town. It didn’t look very welcoming. I put on a brave face and pushed the very little money that I had further down into my pocket. Then I walked inside and…

For crying out loud! This little twit drones on and on and on about every single mundane thing that’s ever happened to her! Unless there’s a unicorn inside that building, who really cares?? Sorry but penny pinching and furniture shopping is not interesting…at all. And the constant whining…it makes me sick!! Even when I’m not spying on her, I can still hear her painfully annoying voice stuck in my head…”Wah, I’ve been to lied to all my life.” “Wah, I’m an orphan.” A whale ate my parents but do you hear me complaining?? Nooooo! What a dreadfully boring life she lives. But that will change soon. My crystal ball has showed me the future…and it is FASCINATING.


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