WW 136

I wasn’t always evil, ya know. And I may be the only mermaid left now…but the sea used to be filled with them. I don’t remember much about my life before my parents were swallowed by a whale. But after that, I became a recluse. Until I got lonely and decided I needed company. So I traveled to Oceanus to get acquainted with the other merfolk. And soon enough it became my dream to be one of the popular mergirls. But no one ever noticed me. I tried to talk them. Showed up uninvited at their parties. Inserted myself into their conversations and laughed at their jokes. I just wanted to fit in and be apart of their world. But they still didn’t really SEE me. All eyes were on HER. Ariel. She was the most loved mermaid of all. So it became my mission to befriend her. But that completely backfired. She was a royal merbitch. She laughed because my tail wasn’t like hers. Then that little redheaded twerp had the audacity to call ME a loser. She told me I was too “different” to hang out with her and her friends. Everyone noticed me then. I was the “weird” mergirl. Instead of being hurt, I was furious. And oh boy…I showed them. Ya know how people say revenge is a dish best served cold? Well, what they don’t say is how tasty it is…


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