WW 137

Then there was Elliott. He was the most beautiful human I’d ever seen. And he’d been promised to me. I felt so lucky…I thought maybe I’d finally find the happiness that I’d read about in stories. But he was afraid of me. And I think he hated me. I don’t know why though. I only wanted a child. And maybe it was too much to ask for…but I wanted him to love me as well. I figured he would begin to care for me eventually…as long as I kept him in my castle. The humans call it “Stockholm Syndrome” but alas, it didn’t work out that way. Instead all he cared about was getting away from me and back to that silly human girl. He spent every moment he could plotting his escape. And my death apparently. He really thought he’d killed me too. But I got the last laugh in the end. It’s been more than twenty years since he’s been gone but the wound is still fresh. I visit the place where the ship sank every once and a while…when I’m feeling nostalgic. Their flesh was picked clean by the fishes a long time ago but their bones remain. Sometimes I mourn him. Sometimes I spit on his watery grave. Depends on my mood…


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