WW 138

You can imagine the anger I felt when all of my babies were snatched away from me right before my eyes. It was an unforgivable act…and the reason Elliott had to die. He thought he’d kill them all. But I knew one of them had gotten away. I mourned the loss of all my children all the same. I thought I’d never see her again. But it was weeks after I’d sunk his ship…when she finally came back to me. I’d heard crying outside the castle walls and found where she’d washed up on shore. She was gorgeous. I picked her up and noticed how warm she felt in my arms. I lifted her in the air and smiled at her. I had won! I finally had the one thing I’d always wanted. A child! But she wasn’t like me…she had no tail. No fangs. No special powers. As far as I could tell, she’d taken after her human father. Then she rubbed her chubby little hands across my face and I remember thinking to myself, “So this is what happiness feels like? This is love?” I was filled with so much joy that I thought I would burst. Maybe the storybooks had it right. And maybe the humans weren’t so silly after all. Weeks turned into years and she quickly grew into a beautiful little girl. My sweet Tessa…


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