WW 139

Pretending to be a mortal is such a drag. I figured it was part of my duty as a parent to give Tessa a good human life. So I bought an old farmhouse on the mainland. It was nothing compared to what I was used to but luckily I could just snap my fingers and be back in my castle among by potions and spellbooks. But anyways, I enrolled Tessa into school with the other dimwitted mortals. I took her to sleepovers and school dances. She joined the girl scouts and took ballet classes. She went on dates with boys. I bought her a car. Whatever she wanted, I gave it to her. Eventually she grew into a beautiful and smart young lady. I was so proud. And at first it was curiosity that made me track down Elliott’s human daughter…but as I kept watching her, I realized there was something special about her. But what? It’s almost as if she had a glow to her. Annoyingly so, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Without even knowing her…I hated her. More than anything. I would’ve been so much happier with her dead but as Tessa befriended her and grew closer and closer to the girl, I had to back off. I surely couldn’t kill my daughter’s best friend…could I? What if she never forgave me for it? What if she stopped loving me? It just wasn’t a risk I was willing to take…for now.


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