WW 140

This weekend there was a stroke of luck and it was actually warm enough to swim. It would probably be the last day like this until next year. So I headed down to the beach and I couldn’t believe my eyes…the place was deserted! Not a soul in sight. And it was such a pretty day. Right about that time, my supervisor called and offered me a shift at the community pool…apparently that’s where everyone was swimming at today. I practically screamed yes in his ear. I needed to make as much extra money as possible unless I wanted to live off of cereal for the rest of my young adult life. I swung back by my house and grabbed my lifeguard shirt then I was at the pool within minutes. It was packed…mostly with people I go to school with. I saw Owen working on his tan in the middle of the pool. It was the first time I’d seen him without a shirt…and I had to keep myself from drooling. While I was walking around making sure everyone was following the pool’s safety rules, I bumped into Tessa. I hadn’t seen her in quite a while but I wasn’t comfortable enough to tell her about all my family drama. So instead I told her that I’d finally gotten my own place…and she sounded even more excited about it than I had been. Then suddenly she told me that she had to go but she’d catch up with me after school the next day. It just seemed kind of off…I wonder what that was all about.


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