WW 142

I was sitting at home watching a scary movie on tv when I heard the doorbell ring…and it scared the crap out of me! I knew it wasn’t Tessa, she wasn’t moving in until tomorrow afternoon. Wondering who it could be, I peeked out the window and saw Ann standing on the porch…with her suitcase in her hand. That was becoming a very familiar sight. I swung the door open and said “What are you doing here so late?” with a smile on my face. “I thought you might want some company.” she replied while walking right in. Then she told me that she had an idea and to just hear her out. I skeptically asked, “What kind of idea?” She began her pitch: “It’s just not the same with you gone. And I miss you terribly. Do you think I could stay here with you for a while? I’ll get a job so I can help with rent. And I promise I’ll stay out of your hair. You won’t even know I’m here!” she pleaded with me. How could I say no to her pouty face? Ugh. With a sigh I said, “Your mom and dad aren’t going to like this. But sure, Ann. You can stay.” She squealed “We’re gonna have sooo much fun!” Right. Fun. So in less than a week, I’ve gained not one but two new roommates. There goes all my peace and quiet.


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