WW 143

It was evening and Tessa still hadn’t showed up…she was supposed to move in today. I got worried so I called her and she told me that everything was fine but that there would be a minor delay. She’d be moving in tomorrow instead. Her mom was giving her a hard time and trying to make her feel guilty for leaving home. I knew that feeling as well so I told her that I understood. Then she asked if I wanted to go get drinks to celebrate our newly found independence. I told her that it sounded great but I’d have to bring Ann along…then I told her about how Ann showed up the night before, suitcase in hand. Tessa sounded pretty ecstatic about it and said “That’s great! The more, the merrier!” At least they liked each other and I wouldn’t have to worry about any crazy drama. We showed up at the nightclub around 8pm and found Tessa waiting for us at the bar. We had a few drinks and danced until we were tired. It was a lot of fun. I got me thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad having them around.


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