WW 144

Tessa has only been living here for a few days…and I’ve already had my first fight with her. Go figure. My lease states that no pets are allowed or so I thought. Tessa read it over and said that there was a loophole…it says no large pets, like cats or dogs. Oh. Then what does she do? Without asking, she goes to the pet store and brings home three snakes! SNAKES! Of all things! Why not a something cuddly and small and cute…like a hamster or guinea pig? But nooo snakes! And she takes them out and talks to them and kisses them. It’s so strange! I don’t like reptiles, they’ve scared me ever since I was a child. I told Tessa that she’d have to return them…and she basically told me to go screw myself. Ann was sitting at the computer when this happened and she whirled around in shock. Tessa smirked at her as she marched out and slammed the front door behind her. Ann rolled her eyes and mocked her and I stuck my tongue out at the closed door. Good riddance. Then Ann asked me what crawled up Tessa’s butt…I shrugged but then she giggled and said probably one of her snakes. I laughed so hard. I can always depend on Ann to make me feel better.


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