WW 146

I invited Ann to go the basketball game with me and when we got to the stadium, we were surprised to find it deserted. The cheerleaders were doing their routine like normal and trying to rally up an nonexistent crowd. I was doing my best to figure out how the heck Christine got her leg so far up in the air without pulling a muscle when an announcement made…apparently there was a bad wreck holding up traffic a few towns over. The away team wouldn’t be coming. Before anyone had a chance to leave, Owen and another teammate began playing HORSE. We stuck around and watched. I clapped and rooted for him when he won. After that, Paul got up and told Ann that he was in love with her…through a megaphone. FINALLY! I rolled my eyes and yelled “Get a room!” I found Owen by the cooler with Christine close behind. I fake punched him in the shoulder and told him that it was too bad about the game…but at least I still got to watch him play. He winked at me and told me there was always the next game. I smiled and said “I’ll be there!” As soon as Owen went to the locker room to change, Christine looked me right in the eyes and actually sneered at me. Then she flipped her braid over her shoulder and walked off. Well…that just happened. What the hell am I getting myself into?


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