WW 147

After two weeks of silence…Tessa finally summoned up enough courage to enter my room. I assumed she wanted to apologize. But I wasn’t going to let her off the hook that easily. She cleared her throat and looked at the floor. I crossed my arms and glared at her from the corner of my eye. “Can I help you with something?” I asked sarcastically. “Lee, I’m sorry. I don’t know why I’ve been acting like this. You had every right to be angry with me. I should’ve asked first before I brought any pets into your house. I hope you’ll forgive me.” I sighed and told her that I did. Then she smiled and said “Good. And I hope that you’ll forgive me for this too.” while pulling a wrapped gift from behind her back. “What’s this?” I said looking at the little box skeptically. “Open it and find out.” she said coyly. I pulled the ribbon off and lifted the lid and let out a squeal. “Aww! It’s so cute! You got me a hamster!!” I exclaimed. She laughed and corrected me, “It’s a womrat.” “It’s adorable, whatever it is! Thank you Tess. This was really nice of you.” I said looking up at her. She shrugged and said “No problem…just don’t let him loose in my room.” Like that was ever going to happen…


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