WW 148

I named my little ball of fur “Ham”…even though technically he isn’t a hamster…he still looks like one! Watching him run around and play on his wheel made me think of my other pets. I missed them badly…if only I’d been able to bring them here with me. I’d had them since I was a child. I knew my uncle and aunt were taking care of them but I still felt that I needed to go visit them soon. With a sigh, I trudged into Tessa’s room. She was running late for class this morning and asked if I’d pop in and feed her snakes. I looked at them through the glass of their terrariums and felt a shiver go down my spine. I’d been afraid of snakes for as long as I could remember…some deep rooted childhood fear I guess. That was part of the reason I was so freaked out when Tessa brought them home. I waited for each of them to move to the other side of their tanks before reaching my hand in to give them food….then I was out of there. I practically ran for the door. I could feel all their tiny eyes on me as I left the room…just watching me…


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