WW 149

Owen hadn’t been in school for the past three days and I was beginning to get worried about him when I overheard some girls at school say that his parents were killed in car wreck over the weekend. The funeral had been this morning. My heart broke for Owen. That night I called him to express my condolences and told him if he needed anything to let me know. He was silent for a while but then he softly asked me if I could meet him…at the cemetery because he was still hadn’t gone home. Even though it was almost dark and pouring down rain, I told him I’d be there in 5 minutes. I rode my bike there as fast as I could, wondering why he wanted me there instead of maybe one of his friends…or his girlfriend. Eliza and Will Michaels were the names on the gravestones…they seemed oddly familiar to me but I dismissed it, thinking that maybe I’d heard Owen talk about them before. Instead I focused my complete attention to Owen, noticing how disheveled he looked. I felt so bad for him…he didn’t know it but I understood exactly what he was feeling. He walked over to me and practically collapsed into my arms. I stood there holding him, not knowing what to say. Then he sat on the ground, pulling me down with him. Within minutes, he was asleep in my lap and I didn’t have the heart to wake him. At least now I can say that I’ve spent the night in a cemetery…


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