WW 150

A few days later, Owen returned to school. Everyone was pretty happy that he was back..except Christine. I guess she somehow found out that he’d called me that night at the cemetery instead of her. I could hear her telling him that he wasn’t “allowed” to talk to other girls if they were going to be couple. He didn’t look like he was listening…just sat there staring at his food as he ate it. She angrily jumped up and pushed her chair in and walked over to me with her friends trailing behind her. She had just opened her mouth to say something nasty when Ann spoke up and sarcastically said “Are you and “The Plastics” lost?” She rolled her eyes which prompted “Tweedledee” and “Tweedledum” to tell Ann to butt out of the conversation. Then Christine told me to stay away from Owen. I calmly explained to her that we were just friends. She yelled at me and said “Not anymore!” I stood up and told her I’d be friends with whoever I wanted to and there was nothing she could do to stop me. And then she slapped me. The whole cafeteria went silent as the slap echoed throughout the room. The courage that I’d been feeling just a few seconds before was gone and suddenly I felt like a kid being bullied on the playground. With tears in my eyes, I grabbed my bookbag and ran home…


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