WW 156

The Fall Formal started off as a blast. Owen was the perfect gentleman and I quickly learned he was a great dancer. After we danced to a few songs, there was announcement from the DJ and a slow song that Owen had requested began to play. Then I was completely shocked when he bent down on one knee and started to pull a small black box out of his pocket. My heart was pounding in my chest. “This can’t be happening.” I thought to myself. A crowd was gathering around us. He opened his mouth to speak when I interrupted him and exclaimed, “Wait…what are you doing? You can’t be serious. This is just a joke. Right?” I looked over at Christine and she looked like she wanted to disappear…I almost felt bad for her. He cleared his throat and nervously said, “After we talked last night, I kind of thought we were on the same page. If we know how we feel and we know what we want…then why wait?” He stood up and took me by the hands and with a very serious tone said, “Unless you don’t feel the same way. When I admitted that I was in love with you last night, you never said it back. So do you? Love me, that is.” I gulped and said, “I uh…I care for you. Deeply. And I appreciate the gesture. I’m flattered, really. It’s just that it’s too soon, Owen. I uh..I should go home.” I pulled away from him and started to walk away but he grabbed my hand to pull me back while saying,”Please, Lee. Just wait.” I could hear Tessa giggling from behind me. It fueled the fire within me. I turned back to him and angrily said, “I just need some time to think. Plus I think you and Christine have some unresolved issues to work out.” I felt guilty as soon as the words left my mouth…and the look on his face…it was like I’d punched him in the gut.


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