WW 157

I spent the weekend alone…just thinking. And drinking. I had no idea what to do about Owen. I felt like I owed him an apology for being a jerk…maybe I jumped the gun. No…I wasn’t ready to tie the knot but I definitely could’ve handled things with more tact. I sighed and decided that sitting around moping wasn’t going to solve anything. It took every bit of effort I had to pull myself off the couch. I felt like crap. While I was stumbling around trying to find my footing, I had a great idea…a change of scenery would probably put me in a better mood, right? Just thinking about a vacation made a tiny bit of stress melt away. I quickly wrote Ann a letter telling her where I was going and said for her to call me on my cell if she needed anything. I also asked her to keep Ham in her room…didn’t want another incident with Tessa to happen while I was gone. Then I packed my suitcase and called for a taxi. It was going to be a long trip…but it’d be worth it. I was already looking forward to sitting around the fire with my grandmother, listening to her tell me stories about my parents. And hopefully she’d be able to give me some good advice as to what to about my love life. Off to grandma’s house I go…


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