WW 158

It was early the next morning when my cab dropped me off in Hylewood. The sun was starting to come up and it was turning the night sky into a beautiful purplish pink color. As soon as I stepped out onto the sidewalk, it began snowing. I lifted my face upwards so I could feel the cold droplets on my skin. Suddenly I felt refreshed…it was the first time I’d been at complete peace since the last time I was here. There was just something magical about this town. I excitedly jogged up the pathway to my Grandma’s front porch and I was just about to knock when to my surprise…the door opened. “It’s so good to see you, Lee.” My grandmother said with a warm smile. “It’s great to see you too! How did you know I was here?” I asked. She folded me into a tight hug and whispered, “I just knew. Now come on in before you catch a cold!” I made myself comfortable while she put a kettle on the stove. While we were sipping on our tea, I told her all about my troubles with Owen, Christine, and Tessa. When I was finished my rant, she clicked her tongue and shook her head. Then she said, “No relationship is all sunshine and rainbows darling. Do you think your parents had it easy?” She paused and looked at me before continuing, “They didn’t. But they never gave up on each other either. Maybe Owen was too hasty but I believe his intentions were good. If you want my advice, I’d say ditch the roommate, pretend the ex-girlfriend doesn’t exist, and give the boy another chance. But that’s just my two cents.” I sighed and took another sip from my cup and muttered, “I think you’re right.” She snorted and winked at me. Then she said, “Darling…I’m always right.”


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