WW 159

I was enjoying my vacation…until Ann called me. She sounded really upset. “What’s going on, Ann?” I asked. “I’m really sorry bother you, Lee…but weird stuff it going on over here. It’s Tessa.” she replied. “I know I’m going to regret asking but what about Tessa?” I said in annoyance. She continued, “Well Owen stopped by to see you and she’s filling his head with nonsense. She’s telling him things like you don’t care about him and that you left just so you could get away from him. And she’s doing it right in front of me. I just don’t get it…she knew I’d call you.” I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. I nervously asked, “He doesn’t believe her though…does he?” Ann hesitated before answering, “Not at first. He was really angry and called her a liar. But I think she’s starting to get into his head. It’s so strange. Like he’s in a trance. I told Tessa to knock it off and I asked Owen to go home. I even promised him you’d call him later. But neither one of them even acknowledged my presence. I think…I think you need to come home.” I started to pace back and forth, then I angrily said, “Yeah. Apparently I need to come take out the trash. I already made plans with my grandma for this weekend though…so it’ll be a few days.” She gave a weak laugh and said,”Uh..well I think I’m going to stay with my parents until you get back. It doesn’t feel right here without you. But don’t worry, I’ll take Ham with me.” With a sigh of relief I said,”Thank you Ann. I’ll see you soon.”


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