WW 161

When I got back home, I found Tessa in the kitchen at the bar. Of course she was drinking in the middle of the day…no surprise there. She looked startled to see me and then asked, “What are you doing back so soon? Figured you’d be gone for another week at least.” I snorted and said, “Why? Were you hoping you’d have more time to work your charm on Owen? Ya know…since it worked so well the first time?” She shook her head and mumbled, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” All my pent up anger came boiling to the surface. “I want you gone. Get out of my house. TODAY!!” I screamed. “Fine, Lee. Have it your way. I don’t want to be here anyways.” she said with a smirk. Then she took off upstairs to pack her stuff. And call her mom apparently…since she showed up and demanded to be let in just a few minutes later. She introduced herself as Nessa. My first thought was that it was kinda weird how their names were so similar. And they looked so much alike. Then I realized that she was way too young to be a mother…they practically looked the same age. Then Ann whispered in my ear that she was willing to bet money that Nessa had a lot of plastic surgery done. Well that would be one way to explain it. Ann and I quietly waited in the living room for Tessa and her mom to leave. I could hear Nessa making remarks about my house being a dump filled with junk…and she told Tessa that she should have higher standards than a place like this. And that explains where Tessa got her snotty attitude from. Eventually they got down to the last suitcase and when the door shut behind them the final time, I sighed in relief. They didn’t even say goodbye. Not that I care. Good riddance!


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