WW 162

I fell asleep easily that night. Tessa was gone, my bills were paid, I was doing good in school and I was in love with Owen. My life finally felt like it was falling in place. All that was missing were my parents. I drifted off thinking of them…

It was the same as before…there was a castle made of coral on an island in the middle of the sea. And I was standing on the dock in front of it, watching it burn. Was I the one who set it on fire? Why would I do that? And who lived there? Or better yet…what? Then I heard a voice say, “She’s coming Lee! Swim!” A feeling of dread washed over me. Without hesitation, I dove into the icy water and very luckily didn’t hit any of the jagged rocks surrounding the island. I swam about fifty feet out before I heard the voice again. He was next to me in the water. I turned to look at him but then he said, “She’s right behind you! Keeping going! Do not stop! Swim Lee! Swim faster!” I could see land in the distance so I swam towards it as fast as I could. I had just reached shallow water when I felt something creep up my leg…it latched on and tugged me under. It drug me further and further down…the water was black around me. My lungs were on fire…I gasped for breath but none was to be found. Was I going to die?

I bolted upright in bed and took several deep breaths. Then I turned on my lamp and looked around. I was relieved when I realized I was still in my room. And not under water. I sighed. I knew I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep now. And even though it had only been a dream, strangely enough I could still smell the ocean all around me…


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