WW 164

I left in the middle of the night so I could make it to Hylewood in time to see the team that was going underwater. There was a man giving a speech when I walked through the doors of the town hall. I grabbed a brochure off the table and read it while I listened to him talk about making history. I learned that his name was Scott and he’d been all over the world. The redhead sitting to his left was his wife, Giselle. They were the ones discovered the wreckage and they were determined to uncover it’s secrets. I was too. So what’d I do? I filled out an application after Scott’s speech. On it I wrote that I was an experienced diver and had been for years. Then I listed a bunch of references…people I didn’t even know. (Thanks Google!) I seriously hated to lie. But there was no way that I was going to be left out of this. Luckily, there weren’t many people there so I had a chance to speak to Scott and Giselle for a few minutes. They both seemed pleasant enough and as it turned out…I was the only person to apply. Scott told me that meant I was pretty much on board. I couldn’t believe it! “Well that was easy.” I thought to myself. I thanked them both and was about to walk out the door when Scott stopped me. “Uh oh.” I thought to myself. “Busted.” But I was wrong. He just wanted to make sure he had my address and phone number. I feeling of relief washed over me. Really hoping he doesn’t do a background check on me. Fingers crossed.


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