WW 165

A couple days later I was with Scott and Giselle heading out in the open water. And I guess it’s a good thing I don’t get seasick because Scott drove the boat around like a maniac. I was in high spirits because I knew I’d gotten away with my lie. For now at least. I was really hoping that I wouldn’t do anything stupid once we reached our destination. But I was in too good of a mood to let it bother me. Plus how hard could it be to dive into some water? I wasn’t sure what I expected to find down there but I had a feeling we were going to find something interesting. And sure enough, we did. The wreckage was exactly where Scott said it’d be. There was debris and parts of the ship scattered around for almost a mile. It was hauntingly beautiful underneath the depths. We swam towards the biggest pieces and made a startling discovery. It turned out to be two sets of human remains. And the bones were almost perfectly preserved…how could that be? But the most disturbing part was that it looked as if they were holding hands. I trembled when I realized who they were. I wouldn’t need to wait on any test results to tell me what I already knew…I’d found my parents.


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