WW 174

I could hear beeping from the monitor in my hospital room. Owen was with me. I could smell his cologne and every now and then he’d let out a sad sigh. But I didn’t open my eyes. I wasn’t ready to face everything going on around me…just yet. About an hour later, my doctor came in to check on me. I sat up and gave her and Owen a small smile. Owen took my hand in his and told me that I was going to be fine. The doctor nodded her head and started talking about my condition. But I didn’t hear a word she said. I was remembering the castle made of coral. My parents’ faces were etched into my memory. I’d been there with them. And they’d told me everything. Mermaids and beasts that lived under the sea? It was all real. After the doctor was finished speaking to us, Owen followed her out into the hallway and a nurse came in to move me from my bed to a wheelchair. My leg was broken and it’d be a little while before it’d heal. That meant I had time to make a plan. Hate was such a strong word but it was the only word that summed up how I felt about Nerissa. But the first thing I was going to do was confront Tessa. Did she know what I knew? Or was she just a pawn in her mother’s game? I traced my fingers down the bruises on my face and I remembered something I’d forgotten. The headlights were coming towards me but I could see the face of the person driving the purple car, right before it hit me. It was Tessa…


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