WW 176

Owen put his parents’ house up for sale and moved in with me over the weekend. First thing Monday morning, I bought us plane tickets to Hylewood. There was something I had to do before we could go anywhere though…and deep down I knew Tessa’s house would be empty but I still had to see for myself. I told Owen that I just wanted to visit because I hadn’t seen her in a while. He drove me there and helped me up to the porch where we peeked into the windows. Yep. No one was home and it looked they hadn’t been in weeks. Dust was on the furniture and flies were buzzing around the dishes in the sink. I limped back down the steps and towards Owen’s jeep before I noticed the garage. I walked over to one of the windows and wiped it down before peering into it. A shiver ran down my spine when I saw the eggplant colored car inside. “That’s it.” I said in a whisper. “That’s the car that ran me down.” Owen looked at me in shock. “But that’s Tessa’s car. It was dark…and snowing. Are you sure Lee?” He asked. I backed away from the window and leaned heavily onto my crutches. “I’m positive.” I muttered. He sighed and shook his head. “I can’t believe this…she was your friend.” He said angrily. “But she won’t get away with it, babe. I promise. Let’s head back home…we have to notify the police.” An officer came out to take my statement. I went through all the motions of filing a report even though I already knew they’d never find her. But I would…


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