WW 177

On Tuesday we took our trip to Hylewood. We got to the mainland by plane around lunchtime. Once there, we decided we’d take the scenic route and travel the remaining hour to the island by boat. When we could finally see land ahead, I began to feel excited. I always feet different when I’m here. But it’s a good feeling. Like returning to your home after a long trip or something. Owen drove around the island a few times while I snapped some pictures with my camera. I planned to make a scrapbook of our trip when we got back home. Then I leaned back in my seat and took in a deep breath of the brisk air. A feeling of calm washed over me. The stress from the events over the last few weeks began to slowly melt away. I had no idea what the future held. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t relax a bit first. It was late afternoon when we finally arrived on shore. I stretched and gazed at the sun while waiting for Owen to grab our suitcases from the boat. “Not too bad of a trip huh?” He asked with a smile. I shook my head and smiled back at him. He continued, “It really is nice out here. I could see myself living out here one day. Nice house with a picket fence. Two kids. Beautiful wife.” Then he winked at me. I laughed and said, “Well…anything is possible.”


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