WW 179

Early the next morning, I left Owen sleeping in our room. I rented a boat and took it out to get some fresh air. After watching the sun rise, I went back to shore and eventually found my way to my childhood home. I stood in the front yard and tried to imagine how it looked 20 years ago. I knew I was probably getting ahead of myself but I added the realtor’s number on the for sale sign to my cell anyways. I went inside and looked around. It saddened me that it looked even worse than the last time I’d been there. But it could be repaired. Owen did say he could see himself living here. Why not in this house? With some TLC it could be the perfect family home. With a sigh, I exited the house. I wasn’t ready to go back the motel just yet so I took the boat back out and circled around the island a few more times. I was about thirty feet away from shore when I began daydreaming about what my future with Owen could be like. We’d buy my parents’ house and fix it up. Get married. Have children. Get a few pets. Grow old together. It all sounded wonderful. Before I knew it the sun had gone down and the sky turned a beautiful purple color. I’d been sitting out there drifting further and further from shore…so far out I couldn’t see land anymore. For hours I’d been completely oblivious to the time. “Owen must be worried sick.” I thought to myself. I turned the boat around in the direction I thought Hylewood was in and set sail. A few minutes later I could see something in the distance but I couldn’t make out what it was. When I got closer, I realized I knew exactly what it was. A castle. Made of coral. After all this time, I was face to face with my worst nightmare…


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