WW 182

After a futile attempt of trying to break the bars on the only tiny window in my cell, I gave up. What would I have done anyways…there was nothing but freezing ocean water on the other side of the wall. I paced back and forth, muttering about how I was so stupid to just waltz right into this hellhole without a plan. I was so mad…at myself. Suddenly the temperature in the room dropped to freezing and the hair stood up on my neck. I knew what that meant! I whirled around and I was face to face with my parents. “Mom! Dad! You don’t even know how happy I am to see you both!” They just stared back at me with expressionless faces, not speaking. “Why aren’t you talking? Is something wrong? Can you help me escape?” I asked with a gasp for breath. They slowly glided across the room and through the bars then down the hall. “Wait! Don’t leave me here! Please! Help me!” They turned back to face me. “What is wrong with the two of you? Is it some kind of spell?” Without breaking eye contact with me, they both reached toward the locked door…but their hands glided right through. With a sad sigh, I stepped back. “Thanks anyways. At least you tried.” I muttered while looking at my feet. Then I heard a loud click and the door swung right open…all by itself. I jerked my head back up and saw that my parents were gone. But I was free and it was all thanks to them…


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