WW 183

I was having a hard time finding the way out of the castle when I ran smack into Tessa. “Going somewhere dear sister?” She asked with a smirk and a wave. I wanted to slap that look right off of her face. “You tried to kill me.” I growled. “And next time I’ll succeed.” She said coldly. Right at that moment, Nerissa rounded the corner and found us. “Oh look! A family reunion. The only one missing is that dreadful father of yours.” She said while eyeing us both. “You mean the one that tried to kill me?” Tessa said with a chuckle. “He’s no father of mine.” I stepped back from them in fear. Where was all that courage I had earlier? “You’re a monster!” I screamed at Tessa. There it was. “You both are! I said angrily turning my attention to Nerissa. She gave me a wicked grin and said, “Oh no, no, no. I might be monster. But my sweet Tessa isn’t! Although I wonder…” With a curious expression, she pulled out her wand and muttered some foreign words before pointing it at Tessa. There was a bright flash of light…and then Tessa was no more. Instead in her place was something much, much worse. “Oh you’re perfect! My baby is what she was always meant to be now!” Nerissa cackled in glee while clapping her hands. Then she cleared her throat and said,”Well…I’ll let you two catch up. I’m sure there’s lots to ‘talk’ about.”


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