WW 184

Tessa stood before me in all her scaly glory. She was still human…but now part snake too. She grinned devilishly and said, “What do you think of me now, dear sister?” I shrugged nonchalantly, looked her directly in the eyes and told her, “I see you the same way as I saw you five minutes ago…you’re still a twat.” She lunged at me and tried to curl her body around my legs but somehow I got her into a headlock. “I’m going to crush you!” She yelled angrily. She grabbed me by my hair and tried to pull me closer to her. But I quickly got loose and wrapped my hands around her throat. Her eyes grew round in surprise. Then with all my strength, I flipped her over my head and her body landed on the floor behind me with a loud flop. I rushed over to her and hovered my foot above her head. “Think about what you’re doing Lee! You’ll regret killing me!” She cried out desperately. No, I wouldn’t. But still I hesitated for a split second before bringing my boot down. There was a loud crunching noise as I finished the very thing my father meant to do twenty years ago…


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