WW 185

What did I do? I looked down at the body before me. Nerissa would make me pay. I stood and listened but all was silent except for the roaring sound of blood rushing to my head. I felt dizzy and held on to a rock to keep myself from passing out. Could there have been another way? No. I did what I had to. If I had let her live, she would’ve just tried to kill me again and again until she succeeded. Now I had other things to worry about. Like getting the hell out of here. A voice inside my head told me what had to be done. “Burn it.” It whispered. “Burn it to the ground.” I obliged by setting a fire to a mermaid statue…it felt ironic. I was surprised at how fast the fire grew, completely engulfing the statue and already spreading. I wrapped my coat tighter around my body and I ran for it. Out the front entrance and all the way down to the docks. Nothing stopped me. I stood there and watched the fire’s flames grow taller and taller against the midnight sky. A feeling of satisfaction washed over me and a smile spread out across my face. Then I heard it. The heartbreaking wail that eventually turned into a bloodcurdling scream. She was coming for me…


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