WW 186

From the window I watched as Lee sailed further and further away while my castle burned all around me. I struggled to keep standing there. I wanted to go after her…but I had to take care of things first. I wiped a tear from my eye. She took away the ONLY thing that I ever cared about. My sweet Tessa. I was in so much shock and felt so much anger…that it felt like it forever before I could move. Finally I pulled myself together, gathered her body, and went down to the basement where we would be safe from the flames. I laid her on the floor and looked down at her. This simply wouldn’t do. I couldn’t let her death be in vain. Before I realized what I was doing, I was chanting an old spell…one that I’d forgotten I knew the words to. I’d never been brave enough to try it before. But these were extenuating circumstances. I was going to bring her back. Her body faded away and a cloud of blue fog was in it’s place. Then from the ground, a hand pushed itself out. Then a head. She rose up and slowly walked towards me with her hands reaching for me. With a dry moan, she managed to say, “Mother.” Clasping my hands together, I looked her over with approval. “Well hello there sweet daughter! Welcome back!”


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