WW 188

The night became much darker and the wind grew colder. To make matters worse, I had no idea which direction I was heading in. I was really hoping it was towards Hylewood. I drifted along for about two hours and was constantly checking behind myself for Nerissa…but the ocean remained calm. Then a small island came into view…one I’d never seen before but still I became hopeful. Maybe my cell would have reception there…if it wasn’t ruined from all the sea water. Or maybe there would be a warm place to take refuge until morning. I didn’t want to be in the water any more than I had to while it was so dark out. I turned the boat towards the island and let out a sigh of relief…but it was short lived. It was at that moment that I heard a deep rumble coming from beneath the boat. I gasped in fear when I saw the large black tentacles rise out of the water. The boat was then propelled into the air… and I had no choice but to jump or be crushed. So I jumped. As I came to surface I watched in horror as the giant creature proceeded to smash my boat into pieces before it eventually sank back into the depths in which it came from. Trying my hardest to remain calm, I knew my best hope at surviving was to get the hell out of the water before it came back…


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