WW 189

The first thing I noticed after the panic subsided was how icy the ocean was. It was so, so cold and I was quickly becoming numb all over. I looked on towards the mass of land ahead. It seemed so far away…and I already felt so very tired. Maybe if I closed my eyes for just a moment and rested…”Lee swim!” A voice cried out causing me to startle awake right as I was slipping under the freezing water. I looked around but saw no one. “Dad?” I called out. Then I heard a splash and could see something swimming toward me…rapidly. It was too fast to be human. “Oh crap.” I muttered before turning and thrashing wildly for shore. “Swim faster Lee! She’s coming!” I jerked my head towards the voice…I knew for sure now that it was my father. But he said, “Don’t look behind you! Just swim!” I began to swim so fast that my arms started aching. I felt like at any moment that my body was just going to give out. “I’m going to make it, I’m going to make it, I’m going to make it.” I kept repeating to myself under my breath as the island came closer and closer in view. Finally my feet touched down in shallow water and a few steps further put me on dry ground. I stumbled into the sand and sat there trying to catch my breath before continuing towards the tree line. But the loud hiss from behind me stopped me dead in my tracks…”Where do you think you’re going Lee?”


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