WW 190

I didn’t even get a chance to turn around before I was jerked into the air. As I looked down at her, Nerissa whispered some kind of spell right before a hot searing pain shot through my stomach. She cackled with glee and I dropped to the ground with a thud. I stood up on wobbly legs and tried to walk but the pain was still there. Without even meaning to, I released the contents of my bladder. “Aww…did poor little Lee pee her pants?” Nerissa asked me in mocking tone. I was mortified but kept my eyes on hers. Then her gaze on me narrowed and she threatened me in a menacing tone. “Think that’s bad? Oh honey, that’s nothing compared to what I’m going to do to you now!” She pointed her wand at me again and I was slowly lifted back into the air. I sighed. “This is it.” I thought to myself. “I’m a goner.” Then something behind Nerissa caught my eye. It was my parents! “Stop!” My dad cried out. Startled, Nerissa turned around to face him while I was dropped back on the ground. “What do you want now, you foul human? I told you never to speak unless spoken to! Now off with the two of you! Get out of here!” She said to them in an annoyed tone. They didn’t budge. Instead they stood in front of me protectively. “You’ve trapped our souls for eternity…isn’t that enough? Please…just let our daughter go!” My father pleaded to her. She cocked her head to the side and looked, for a moment, like she was actually considering it. But we all knew that it would be far too good to be true…


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