WW 191

Her wicked laugh was answer enough for us all. She immediately begin conjuring up another hex directed at my mother but I noticed she was using her hands to cast her spells now…where did her wand go? And I have no idea what made me do it or what I thought it would accomplish but I jumped in front of Nerissa before she could unleash her anger on my parents any further. “Oh look at me, I’m a such powerful siren but instead ruling over the sea, I’m caught up in trivial human affairs. How boring and sad I must be.” I mockingly jabbed at her. “I don’t think you’re powerful. You’re pathetic.” She was now focusing all her attention on me. I could hear my parents shuffling around behind me. I was praying they had a plan. But then an idea formed. I poked my finger into her face and said, “And I bet you couldn’t even bring them back to life, no matter how hard you tried. Because you’re weak!” She was so angry she was shaking all over. For a moment, I thought she was going to rip me to shreds right on the spot. Then in a forced whisper, she said, “I can. And I will. Just so you can watch me kill them again. And again. And again.” She twisted around towards them and begin shouting a strange incantation…the air around my parents turned blue then there was a loud clap of thunder from the sky. At last there they stood…in the bodies that died twenty years ago. But there was no time for a reunion…


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