WW 192

Nerissa pointed her hands at my father and he dropped down clutching his head. He groaned in pain. “Please make it stop!” She laughed again but released him from her clutches. “But I was having fun. I was going to torture you for a little while but now I’ve changed my mind. I’m just going to kill you all right now. But it won’t be the end, don’t worry. You’ll be back. So I can I kill you repeatedly until I grow bored.” Nerissa said with demented glee. “Hey fishsticks!” My father called out. “You dropped something!” From inside his shirt, he pulled out her missing wand. “Where did you get that?” She cried out with fear. “Give it back you fool!” She demanded. “Nah.” My father replied. “I think I’ll keep it.” For the first time that I’d seen, and probably ever, Nerissa appeared to be afraid. “Elliott. I brought you back from the dead. Surely we can come to an agreement. Just let me go…and you’ll never see me again.” Nerissa pleaded. Without hesitation, my father lifted the wand above his head and gave her a look of pure hatred before saying one word…”Freeze.” A burst of icy air shot out of the tip of the wand and hit her squarely in the chest. A few seconds later, the creature that called herself Nerissa was no more…


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