WW 194

Eventually morning came and I don’t think any of us had ever been so happy to see the rising sun. We’d been through one hell of a night and against all odds…we’d survived. The happiness soon faded to worry once we’d looked all around the little island for a means of escape. We found nothing. Dad was trying his best to lighten the mood and was telling me some of his best jokes but Mom seemed distant. I knew she was worried about how we were ever going to make it home…we all were. “Maybe we can catch a ride on the backs of a few sea turtles.” My dad said with a snicker. I grinned at him and shook my head. But Mom wasn’t having it, she rolled her eyes and started pacing in the sand. “Wait! I think I see something out there!” Mom exclaimed suddenly. We both turned to where she was pointing and sure enough, Mom was right. There was a yellow boat heading straight for us…almost as if someone knew we were there. It came to shore and sat idle for a moment before Owen jumped out and came running towards us.”Lee! I’ve been looking everywhere for you! I turned GPS on to find your phone and about an hour ago I finally got a signal!” He said while trying to catch his breath. “Oh Owen!” I said while throwing my arms around his neck. “You’re my hero!” I quickly introduced him to my parents which did nothing but confuse him and I had to promise to tell him the whole story once we were back in Hylewood. Then it was time to go. Dad put his arm around Mom’s shoulders and lead her towards the boat. “We’re finally going home darling.”


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