WW 196

We had Christmas dinner at my Grandma’s house. Mom and Dad were staying with her for the time being…since their house wasn’t exactly in living conditions. The mood was light and merry. Everyone was happy and smiling. Digging into the delicious meal in front of me, I thought back to my doctor visit from yesterday. Having a sea witch cast spells on your body kinda makes one worry. But I was in better health that I could have imagined. And there was something else. And I couldn’t wait to share my good news with my family. After we were all done eating, we went into the living room to exchange gifts. I pulled Owen in front of the Christmas tree and smiled up at him. “Now’s the time.” I whispered. He nodded and pulled me close. “We have something we’d like to tell everyone.” Owen announced. I grinned and blurted out, “We’re pregnant!”


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