WW 197

“Hmmm. It’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.” My mom said while looking up at our family home. Dad grunted in disagreeance. I gave her a skeptical look and said “Really? But Mom…the roof is caving in.” She laughed. “But it can be fixed! It all can be fixed! Right honey?” She asked my father with a twinkle in her eye. He sighed. “Well…can’t really tell from out here. Let’s see what the inside looks like first.” They paused in front of the door, both lost in thought. I’m sure they were remembering how it’d been before. “See honey. We can fix it. Together.” She said with a knowing smile. He looked over at her and nodded. “Absolutely darling.” She grinned with excitement. “We can patch the roof, put down new floors, install new windows, paint the walls…maybe get some new tile for the kitchen and bathrooms?” Mom was making a list. Dad’s eyes grew big and he looked worried for a moment. “That sounds like a lot of work babe. At this rate, it’ll be quite a while before anyone can move in here.” He said in a cautious tone. “Don’t worry Dad. Owen can lend a hand!” I suggested. “It’ll give ya’ll time to get to know each other too.” He snorted and said, “I suppose I could use the help.” And within six months, the house looked like it did twenty years ago…


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