WW 198

It was late Spring when Owen brought me over to my parents’ house. Mom and Dad were standing in the yard, waiting for us. They both had mischievous smiles on their faces. They along with Owen had been acting very secretive over the past three weeks and my hormones had just about had enough of it. “Okay, we’re here. Now can someone please tell me what’s going on?” I whined and stamped my foot. “Aww Lee.” Mom said in a soothing tone. “Sounds like someone needs lunch.” I shrugged. Food would’ve definitely made me feel better. “Well we have some great news!” My dad announced. “We sold the house!” I gasped in shock. “What? No! You spent all that time fixing it up…just to sell it?” I looked up at the house with a frown. “Where are you going to live now?” I asked. “We found a smaller place next door to your grandmother. It’s just the two of us…we don’t need all that space.” My dad replied still smiling. “But you do.” I raised my eyebrow and said, “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” He laughed in response. “Yes! You and Owen are the new owners!” I couldn’t believe it. I grinned and placed my hands over my stomach. “You hear that Eli? We have a nice big home now!” Owen walked over and put his arm around me. “They hated that we lived so far from them. This way we’ll all be in walking distance of each other. And they’ll never miss another moment of your life. Or their grandson’s.” I nodded in agreement. “Best idea ever.” I said while kissing his cheek.


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